Closure extended through end of school year (Cierre extendido hasta el final del año escolar) Details at

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Welcome to Alpha Academy

RCPS will have Independent Learning Days March 16 - April 3, 2020.
RCPS tendrá días de aprendizaje independiente del 16 de marzo al 3 de abril de 2020.) Details at

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Technology Support for Students and Parents
Posted on 03/18/2020
A new page has been posted on all students' ClassLink homepages, named "ILD - Student Tech Help."  Please click here to go straight to the page (please sign in with your student RCPS account).  This page offers helpful information on accessing course content during our time away from school, and includes a phone number you can call for help.  Call (770) 860-4259 or email

ITSLEARNING UPDATE: If you experience issues with Itslearning, please save your progress and restart your device. If the problem persists, please take a break and try again after a little while. Your administrators, teachers, and the technology team are aware of some recurring and sporadic issues with ItsLearning and that at times students are receiving various error messages.  Know that these issues are temporary.

ItsLearning serves many schools across the globe, and with the current situation regarding COVID-19, its resources are under a heavy load. Rockdale County Public Schools is in constant contact with the ItsLearning support team as we report issues and receive updates.  Thank you for your patience, and please stay in touch with your teachers if you have issues or questions.

Reminder about Dress Code

Regular Dress Code

Khaki Pants (No cargo pants, jeggings, joggers, or rips in pants)

White Collared Shirt

White, Black, or Brown Shoes

Black or Brown Belt (No emblems on belt)

Dress Down Passes

If students receive a dress down pass they may wear the following:

White or Black Shirt (No red, blue or purple is allowed on the shirt)

Black or Blue Jeans (No rips or tears in the jeans)

White, Black, or Brown Shoes

White, Black, or Brown Belt (No emblems on belt)


Dress for Success

Students must be dressed in professional business attire. No tight fitting clothing.


Collared Shirt and Tie (No red, blue, or purple)

Dress pants (No red, blue, or purple)

Dress Shoes (White, Black, or Brown only)

Black or Brown Belt (No emblems)


Dresses (Knee length and need to be business appropriate) (No cotton/t-shirt style dresses)

Skirts (knee length) (No red, blue, or purple)

Dress Blouse/Shirts (Cannot be revealing and No red, blue, or purple.)

Dress pants (No red, blue, or purple)

Dress Shoes (White, Black, or Brown only) (All shoes must be closed toe shoes.)

Black or Brown Belt (No emblems)


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Our Mission

The mission of Alpha Academy, a positive and caring learning environment where students are motivated to alter negative behaviors and to improve socially, academically, and vocationally, is to ensure that students are able to become better decision makers, compete in a global economy, and to become productive members of society through delivery of innovative and differentiated pedagogical approaches, a variety of group and one-on-one interventions, positive behavior and support systems which encompass rewards and incentives, and parent/community and home school involvements.