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School Uniforms:

To help create an environment conducive to learning, students at Alpha Academy are required to wear uniforms. Our Dress for Success policy is designed to permit students to focus their attention on academics and on those aspects of their personalities that are truly important. 

Students are required to wear a solid white collared shirt, without emblems, that is required to be tucked in at all times. Collared shirts can be short or long sleeved. Students should also have uniform style khaki pants or uniform style shorts. All pants must have belt loops, and shorts must be knee length. No cargo pants or cargo shorts permitted.

All pants must be worn at the waist with a belt. Belts must be be black or brown and have no logos or symbols.

Students are required to wear closed toe shoes.  Shoes must be a solid brown, black, or white.
No sagging or tight fitted clothing is ALLOWED. This includes: No joggers, jeggings, stretch pants, sweat pants or leggins.

Students should come dressed in uniform each and every day. 

Students may wear an undershirt under their collared shirt.  If they choose to do this, the shirt must be either solid white or black only.  Students will not be permitted to wear any other colors. 


Students are not permitted to wear the following items:

Clothing identifiable with any gang                          Hair bows

Scarves                                                                        Head Dressings

Body Piercings                                                            Hats

Earrings                                                                        Hair Rollers

Necklaces                                                                     Visors

Bracelets                                                                      Caps

Do-rags                                                                        Wallet Chains

Bandannas                                                                    Purses    

Backpacks                                                                    Totes

Flip-Flops                                                                    Open-toed shoes

Joggers                                                                       Sweat Pants

Jeggings                                                                      Leggings

Stretch pants

Violation of Dress Code: (Parents are responsible for bring students a change of clothes) 

1st offense- Verbal warning and Parent Phone Call

2nd offense- Parent Phone call, restricted movement, referral to PNI

3rd offense-  Parent conference

4th offense – 3 Days Out of School Suspension