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Alpha Progressive Disciplinary Protocol 

The following outlines the Alpha Academy Progressive Disciplinary Protocol:
Tier 1/Referral:  After-School Detention*/Student Teacher Conference/contact parent
Tier 2/Referral:  1-3 day OSS/Parent Conference required before return to school/ develop behavior contract
Tier 3/Referral:  5 day OSS/Parent Conference with the RTI team required before return to school
Tier 4/Referral:  10 day OSS/Student will be referred for long term suspension and/or expulsion from the Alpha Academy
 *If the student is unable to stay for after school detention, then they will receive a one day out of school suspension
 Prior to Tier 3, student and parent will be asked to meet with the Response to Intervention (RTI) team to discuss the student issues. 
If a student commits an offense that is considered critical (Alpha Academy Critical Behavior Standards) they will automatically move to Tier 4 of the protocol.